9 Pretty Summer Makeup Looks We Can't Wait to Try Ourselves


Out of all of the things we've had to forgo recently, the one new york beauty ritual I’ve missed the most is without a doubt applying makeup every morning. On any normal day, I’d say that I take no great joy out of applying my makeup. In fact, I’d say I used to regard it as more of a chore. Fast-forward to now, and I have never been more desperate to get creative with my face. Without actually having to leave the house for the last couple of months, I have had little reason to hook out my makeup bag.

My Instagram saved folders, on the other hand, are full to the brim with beautiful makeup looks that I am itching to re-create. From pretty pastel eye looks to glowing glass skin, I have never been more inspired to dig out my makeup bag and get playing. So now that the sun is starting to shine (and with the potential for outdoor excursions maybe on the distant horizon), I think I’m ready to embrace all of the makeup. And it would seem I’m not alone, as people far and wide (including fellow Who What Wear editors) are slowly starting to reach for their makeup bags once again.

Sound like something you can relate to? Keep scrolling for all of the pretty summer makeup looks we can’t wait to try.


1. Lilac Lids

Pretty Makeup Looks: Lilac lids


2. Beachy Glow 

Pretty Makeup Looks: Beachy Glow


3. Statement Lip

Pretty Makeup Looks: Statement Lip


4. Bronzy Shimmer 

Pretty Makeup Looks: Bronzy Shimmer


6. Glossy Lids 

Pretty Makeup Looks: Glossy Lids


7. Pink Shimmer 

Pretty makeup looks: Pink Shimmer


8. Glass Skin 

Pretty Makeup Looks: Glass Skin


9. Matte Skin 

Pretty makeup looks: Matte skin

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